Want to Write Well? Read A Great Book

Analyzing is more than a favorite pastime. Whether the texts are visual, auditory, or written, I find it’s all I do from the moment I wake up to the moment I fall asleep, and then I wonder about the meaning of what I dreamed. It’s how I live and why I breathe and it keeps me somewhat sane. Fortunately for me, it’s my livelihood, that is, I get paid for being who I am–how awesome is that? I get to teach others how to analyze, what to look at, suggest and bring up ideas for others to see, consider, and hypothesize. I don’t claim to have an original thought. Instead, I pass the torch, spread the love, and engage others to think about greatness stemming from the past, the present, and hypothesize about the future. That’s my job in the classroom. Outside of my vocation, my avocation is analyzing a huge list: the compositions of music and art and films and God and Nature and the precious people my life and my history, your history, the history of the U.S., the history of the globe, and the magic and science of the universe. Analyzing is all I do. I feel like a conduit, a space station, a cog in the wheel. I don’t mind at all. In other words, I’d rather analyze why it is great instead of trying to be great.

I’m a writer. If you are, too, then the new page on my blog is for us.

The page shares how and why a book is great and how it can improve your writing skills just as this approach from Goddard College helped me. Consider these tips when creating YOUR voice in writing. Your opinions and questions, please.

2 thoughts on “Want to Write Well? Read A Great Book

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  1. You have a very different perspective on writing, and I admire that. While everyone tends to focus on writing by themselves, you focus on analyzing others’ writing, which is very admirable. It takes great patience and commitment to be able to analyze peoples’ writing.

    I agree with your claim that reading a great book can help you write better. I remember that the very week after I read a beautiful book “To Kill a Mockingbird”, I was able to write with nice diction and describe things in a more professional way.

    I love your blog, and keep writing such inspiring ideas! I would like to invite you to my new blog where I’m going to post poems and rhymes every day from now on. the web address is: “rhymesdivine.wordpress.com”


    1. Glad to hear from you, Stenila! It would be my pleasure to check out your blog! I need to practice poetry; I always go to short and long fiction because it’s comfortable to me. I feel inadequate writing verse. Let’s help each other out…Cheers!


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