The Police and The Cars: New Wave All Those Years Ago

They made New Wave mainstream.

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I feel very fortunate. At the height of my teen years, The Cars and The Police were on the radio. They were refreshing and interesting to listen to—it sure was better than listening to Disco!  Their sound was way ahead of their times and influenced Alternative Rock of the 90s. Even when both groups grew too commercial by the late 80s, I forgave them. Both groups have a long list of iconic pop songs. Of course I love them, they are a part of my personal history, but it’s when they were in the early stages of their popularity, when they mutated Rock with a string of New Wave, that’s when I admire them the most. When they were artists. Here’s a few songs that grabbed my heart and did not let go.

Have you listened to an album of the The Police lately? I’m struck by how timeless and clever they are. It’s a testament to their craftsmanship and innovative style. Yes, Sting is probably an egomaniac, but his voice and lyrics were unusual and heavy combined with silly and boyish. Their songs were charismatic. Stu Copeland is still a great drummer while guitarist, Andy Summers, no doubt is still on the shy side.

The Cars, “Moving in Stereo”

Front man and bassist, Ben Orr’s voice was smooth and pitch perfect while rhythm guitarist, Ric Ocasek’s quirky looks and voice was a nice contrast. Their sound was synthesizer-heavy played by Greg Hawkes. While they diverged to the super-saccharine and bubble-gum pop world and lost their edge, I still think of the explosion they made in the late 70s.

I miss Ben Orr.

Looking at their wrinkled faces doesn’t bother me a bit. They came back out in 2010 with a new album and tour after a long hiatus.

Take The Cars and mix in The Police and Wow! What a great pocket of time to listen to some heavy hitters in Rock music.

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  1. I only remember their later stuff. I was a kid in the 80s and many people laugh at me since I say that was the best decade of music. What can I say, that’s what I grew up with.


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