To Everything, There is a Season


Future pianist??

“The attempt at creating positive memories for the duration of your child’s life.”  That pretty much sums up the definition of a parent. Today I am reminded, in the simplest terms, life is simply about endings and beginnings and the transitions therein. Saying goodbye to dear faces or welcoming new faces brings different tears. These milestones aren’t original, but when they happen to you, they are life altering. While dealing with an end or a beginning, the world stops rotating and time is suspended. Both extremes cause one to give thanks. Thanks for knowing you. Thanks for the opportunity to get to know you. Ah, the heart surely sags under the weight of it all. Despair and Jubilation. These feelings are exhausting. They are the extreme feelings a human being encounters. And when not saying goodbye or hello? The transitions of life are bearable because of the compassion from friends and family. We all need to hold hands and have our hands held.

That’s it. That’s life. Everyone has one, and everyone experiences the same emotions. Not at all original except when it happens to you.

Welcome, today, my granddaughter, Amelia! Can’t wait to make memories with you!

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