Fay Canyon, Sedona

My photoholic friend Jim, my dog Bear, and I headed over to Sedona this morning. We took the wrong road and this is what we found….


I wanna go!


Is this a Dodge Crab?


We found Fay Canyon and began the expedition.


Jim was angry because he forgot to bring along an extra battery. So, most of these shots are by his phone.


He has to get off the beaten path. Up, up, we go….



Yeah, yeah, I’m coming.



Walk this way for a secret view of an amazing canyon.



At the top, we discovered hiding behind the bluff, a shelf! It was private, shaded with full view of Fay’s Canyon. Wow!



Thanks, Jim for forcing me on to the road less traveled.


Next time, I will bring extra batteries!

17 thoughts on “Fay Canyon, Sedona

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  1. Anywhere you can get up high is usually good; there’s a fantastic viewing area up at the Chapel of the Holy Cross (you know the one I mean! It’s the giant cross that’s built right into the rocks.) Though really, anywhere you can get a good view the red rocks tends to make for a spectacular sunset.


  2. Beautiful!!! My parents recently took a trip to Sedona for their anniversary and had a great time. They live in Goodyear and always try to make me feel jealous with how great the weather is. It is a very picturesque place.


    1. It’s actually my son’s. He lives in Phoenix and it’s too hot for Bear. I agreed to watch him while I live up here in the mountains. It’s Bear who watches out for me. He’s the best behaved, best companion pet I’ve ever had. From all your pictures of your dog, he must have a special place in your heart!


      1. Bear is stunning! And he looks like a great watchdog. Give him a pet for me. And yes, I adore my Miles. He has the best personality.


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