There’s Room on the Mescal Trail, Sedona


Mescal Mountain is a flat top mesa about 500 feet tall located west of Sedona, AZ, from Dry Creek Road/Long Canyon Rd.  Bear and I hiked  there this morning. The trail hugged the mountain’s side and the open views and big sky were breathtaking.

P1060992     P1060971

What I appreciate about Arizona northern desert are the textures. I tried to capture some of them.

P1060985   P1060991

The junipers, cacti, the angles, the curves, the bristly, the spiky, the soft and that blue, blue sky….

P1060986  P1060996

I can’t catch the space. You can spread your arms wide and the space never ends. I like that.

P1060995  P1060998

The next bend moves into another one.


Bear and I could have walked all day, but after a few miles we turned back. This trail was not crowded and mountain bikers passed me more than hikers. A perfect way for me to spend a Saturday morning!



4 thoughts on “There’s Room on the Mescal Trail, Sedona

  1. YES ! thank u. Will check that out.


  2. Love Sedona. A far cry from IL, isn’t it? Didn’t get to do the hiking I wanted during our visit in November. Guess I’ll just have to return!


  3. How beautiful! Thank you for sharing that!
    (Was just reading “Dune” for the nth time while eating dinner — Arrakis! Reminds me of your desert above.)


    1. It’s taken time for me to adjust to the landscape. I hail from the midwest/east coast and it’s lush and humid and the greenery abounds. This is different. But I love the sun and the big sky. I can stretch and breath, and I like that.


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