There’s Room on the Mescal Trail, Sedona


Mescal Mountain is a flat top mesa about 500 feet tall located west of Sedona, AZ, from Dry Creek Road/Long Canyon Rd.  Bear and I hiked  there this morning. The trail hugged the mountain’s side and the open views and big sky were breathtaking.

P1060992     P1060971

What I appreciate about Arizona northern desert are the textures. I tried to capture some of them.

P1060985   P1060991

The junipers, cacti, the angles, the curves, the bristly, the spiky, the soft and that blue, blue sky….

P1060986  P1060996

I can’t catch the space. You can spread your arms wide and the space never ends. I like that.

P1060995  P1060998

The next bend moves into another one.


Bear and I could have walked all day, but after a few miles we turned back. This trail was not crowded and mountain bikers passed me more than hikers. A perfect way for me to spend a Saturday morning!



4 thoughts on “There’s Room on the Mescal Trail, Sedona

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  1. Love Sedona. A far cry from IL, isn’t it? Didn’t get to do the hiking I wanted during our visit in November. Guess I’ll just have to return!


    1. It’s taken time for me to adjust to the landscape. I hail from the midwest/east coast and it’s lush and humid and the greenery abounds. This is different. But I love the sun and the big sky. I can stretch and breath, and I like that.


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