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The Streets of Jerome, AZ

In northern Arizona, a mile-high from the Verde Valley is a unique town perched on the side of a mountain. Jerome is a National Historic Landmark. In the 1890s-1950s, it was a prolific copper mining town. It also had a notorious reputation during the 1920s for hiding bandits and flaunting prostitutes. Today, it’s home-sweet-home for Easy Rider retirees and those who believe in the magic power of crystals. It’s also home to exceptional artists specializing in pottery, painting, sculpting, and photography.

DSC00008  DSC00012

Want to play tourist with me and walk up the streets to the top of the mountain?

DSC00011  DSC00022[1]

DSC00027[1]  DSC00031[1]

Jerome’s funky personality is on display upon every sign and through the windows of quirky boutiques and friendly Arizona wine galleries.

DSC00041[1]  DSC00033

DSC00043[2]  DSC00047[1]

DSC00052[1]  DSC00053[1]

DSC00049  DSC00055[1]

I like to put money in the jukebox, drink beer, and shoot pool at Paul and Jerry’s saloon. Only 50 cents a game.

DSC00063[1]  DSC00077[1]

Up we go!


DSC00079[1]  DSC00080[1]

The Grand Hotel is lovingly restored and spooky. The establishment is very proud of its ghosts. It was an old hospital converted into guest rooms. The Asylum Restaurant has an impressive antique bar and plush restaurant. There are the mile-high views!


The Douglas Mansion has been transformed into a museum and is an excellent place to learn about Jerome’s copper mining history.


Walking back down, we can cut through the center park in front of the Hotel Connor.


I live four miles below Jerome. Looking up at Jerome at night, the town sparkles. There’s always local music, and the air is dry and comfortable. I have lived in Arizona for a year! The big sky is something to behold.


Want more information on Jerome? Check out:

10 thoughts on “The Streets of Jerome, AZ”

    1. It’s marvelous up here. Dry and sunny. 8 months of the year are perfect. Even hot, it’s not the slimy humid heat from the Midwest/East. I’m far enough north that I get four seasons. I love living in the mountains.


  1. beautifully done !! far better than the sketchy pics we took.
    it really is a wonderful place – very interesting.
    recommend Haunted Hamburger – good food.
    and we had a bite at the Jerome Grand Hotel too.
    You can spend quite a bit of time there …


    1. Thanks! I just got a new camera and am having fun playing with it. Yes, Haunted Hamburger is always fine. I took pictures at 7am this morning before all the tourists crowded the streets. I like all the colors in the shop windows. And that blue, blue sky.


    1. It takes some getting used to. I grew up around grass and forests. This landscape seems desolate, but the freedom I feel. I love looking up at the stars at night and the big blue sky during the day. The sun shines and I don’t get depressed because the rain or snow or cold creeps in.


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