Illinois Cherry Pie

DSC00148  Thousandacrescover Surrounded by fields of corn, I’m visiting my folks and family in Smalltown, USA. If you saw the film Field of Dreams or read the Pulitzer by Jane Smiley, you have a sense of my childhood setting. My roots are German–efficiency, manners, and chores were a big part of my upbringing.


One of many tricks I learned growing up was cooking and baking from Mom. When we decided yesterday to make cherry pies, we made them from scratch including the cherries. My step-father is a great gardener. Don and I plucked and pitted.

DSC00190   DSC00204     DSC00195  DSC00212  DSC00219

Mom cooked and we made our crusts.


DSC00225  Cindy's pictures 001

Would you like a slice for dessert? We have fresh vanilla ice cream to serve alongside. First, we have to tackle the BBQ ribs, potato salad, and the variety of vegetables picked from the garden. Pour me a glass of beer, and that my friends, is how it’s done in Illinois.


Another week, blackberries.


Future coleslaw and sauerkraut

DSC00177  DSC00161

blossoms on vines

DSC00175  DSC00179

“Fill your garden with the beauty of flowers and the songs of birds.” These are the constant companions of my parents. Well wishes to you from the Heartland!

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    1. Ha! Thanks so much for the comments!. I love visiting big cities but can’t imagine living in one. I always imagined my childhood as boring compared to the fizz of the city. You have the museums, we have the fresh air. Both are precious….


    1. 🙂 It was delicious, too! Big family BBQ today. My folks are a riot. They wouldn’t consider serving anything bought if they could make it themselves. I admire them so!


  1. Hi, Cindy:

    Excellent old time perspective!

    My mom was and my older sister is a wizard at baking. I remember picking raspberries, peaches (a lost art) and strawberries for making pies and jarring for preserves.

    Never developed a taste for cherry pie, but yours looks scrumptious!

    I’m not bad in the kitchen, but baking breads and pies has always eluded me. Don’t get enough moist to wet, cool days (according to family lore) here in MD. That are essential to proofing (raising) bread dough. Or having a proper flaky crust.


    1. I lived in VA (Shenandoah Valley) for seven years and worked in a kitchen with good-ole-girls straight from the set of The Waltons. Nothing beats grandmas in the kitchen sharing their secrets with an eager learner, passing the torch to the younger generation. Glad you stop by even when my post is not about films 🙂


  2. when i wuz about 6 we lived in Mission CIty BC … had a plum tree, a hazelnut tree and 2 big cherry trees in our yard. we’d climb up and sit on a branch and feast out. not bad at all.


    1. I hear Rainer Cherries are to die for. I just ate one yesterday–so sweet! The Illinois variety is tart. Making pies is a favorite pastime as long as someone helps me eat it! 🙂


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