A Bouquet For You


I’ve traveled with my mate across the majority of “The Mother Road”, Route 66, the last few days.


We’re both glad to be home in Northern Arizona. I’m feeling warm and fuzzy and this quick post is to announce a couple of things.


1. I really appreciate the intellects of my Movie Buff, virtual friends.  I saw the Lone Ranger on my vacation and couldn’t wait to read about your reactions to it. In the film, I looked for and sure enough, there was Helena Bonham Carter sporting circular glasses, but she added an ivory leg. Very cool. Not so the glasses.  (No Idea what I’m talking about? Maybe you missed my post:   https://cindybruchman.wordpress.com/2013/06/08/a-dear-john-letter-to-mr-depp/    Did anyone else think it strange Tom Wilkinson and HBC were acting in American roles? Stop it! I love you as Brits.


2. I am inspired by the photographer and adventurer-traveler bloggers who I follow. From Australia to China to Patmos to Ireland, I am privy to fantastic shots by great photo-bloggers. I recently replaced my broken camera with a Sony Cyber-Shot and have fallen in love with photography again. I think about you all whenever I focus in on a shot.


3. I’ve blogged for eight months, and I’m rewarded by the comments of those who respond to me. We’re all busy juggling work and family. It can really gobble up one’s time, no? That’s why I value those who stop by and share their thoughts. Thank you, all of you, who have nominated me for awards. Your comments are a reward enough 🙂


I wish I could claim it takes twenty minutes to post an entry, but usually it takes hours to investigate and organize an article. I do it because it’s a great creative outlet. Since I completed my first novel, I’ve spent my free time blogging. I should write a short story or the second novel, but the instant gratification of posting how I feel about films and books and places–well, it’s very rewarding.

Thank you, and I hope you all keep commenting! I’m looking forward to catching up on your recent posts this weekend.




P.S. Here are some pictures I took of various lilies, poppies, and gardens around my hometown in Illinois. I hope you like them, for they are for you.

DSC00282  DSC00315

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  1. Wonderful photos. Glad you had fun on the trip and it is nice to be home. I love that feeling after being away. I for one I’m glad you blog. And I should mention I have your book on my Kindle and hope to start it next week. Looking forward to it!


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