Five Shots: Seattle Fish


I’m in Seattle for a few days visiting my daughter, son-in-law, and granddaughter. With the blue skies shining on me, we wandered through Pike Place Market by the wharf–what a fun area of  Seattle. Here are five shots of fish at the market.

Moms Pictures July 605

Moms Pictures July 600

Moms Pictures July 598

Moms Pictures July 585

Moms Pictures July 584

Moms Pictures July 601

The rows they made and the colors were awesome. What do you think of my fish? Cool or freaky?

18 thoughts on “Five Shots: Seattle Fish

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  1. I agree…….the pictures you made are cool (dead fish on ice) 8<) You could have added some flowers as a sentiment to the fish. All kidding aside the pics are great!


  2. I LOVE Seattle! My sister in-law lives there and I hope to be going there in the Fall. Nice pics, tho I don’t like fish myself 🙂


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