Five Shots: Sweet Seattle


Which of these five shots in Seattle is the sweetest?

Moms Pictures July 613

Moms Pictures July 612

Chocolate shoppes everywhere!

 Moms Pictures July 579

The sweet fragrance of fresh cut flowers?

Moms Pictures July 542

a healthy granddaughter?

Moms Pictures July 563

Or a happy Mom and baby? A very sweet vacation, indeed.

11 thoughts on “Five Shots: Sweet Seattle

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  1. Awesome pics!!! Love the pic of your daughter & granddaughter! I love Seattle, hope to go there in Oct for my sis-in-law’s wedding.


    1. That will be a pretty time to go! Thanks, Ruth. I really appreciate the fact you always come over to my blog and comment even when it’s not about the movies! I will remember you when it’s time to vote for the Lammy’s. Honestly, I think you are just a nice person and not in it for an accolade….


      1. Hi Cindy! Oh of course, it’s cool that your blog has variety 😀 Thanks for the kind words about Lammy, I’m not into awards really, to me blogging is more about community and discussion. I just love talking about movies w/ others, even if we don’t always agree, such as the latest one on Wolverine, ahah.


    1. Hi Jack,
      LOL. How fast time flies by! How cliche! I’m 50 and still wonder how it’s possible my children are closer to 30 than 20. I am still 17 inside which, I reckon, is why I’m a great high school teacher. I’ve got a movie post coming out tonight, I hope, and would love your comments. You’re very intelligent. Cheers!


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