Five Shots: Mingus Mountain Top


Okay, more than five. How about seven?

Up high hiking today with my mate at Mingus Mt., Verde Valley, Arizona. At an elevation of 7800, we saw amazing things. Here’s some of my favorite pictures.


A baby Horned-Toad?


The Cyprus Tree berries are exploding.


Organic black beans on the forest floor


Jim relaxing looking out at the Verde Valley


A hang glider about to take off the precipice. He’s nuts.


Catching a current, he rides over our heads and sores up to 9500 feet.


Away he goes, a human hawk on a thermoplane.


Enjoy the rest of today and have a stress-free work week, my virtual friends!

Here’s wishing you have this sunset….


16 Comments on “Five Shots: Mingus Mountain Top

  1. Great pics Cindy, certainly brightened up my day πŸ˜€ LOVE that sunset pic at the end, have a great week!


  2. I always call it ‘magic’ when these special moments occur. However, these special moments rarely happen to me in the city but they always happen in the wilderness.


    • Truly fell upon the hangliders. We spontaniously decided to go left and found an association and the stepping off point for regional hangliders. What a thrill. Very happy you stopped by, thank you, Malcolm.


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