First Anniversary


It’s been one year since I began my blog! Thank you for the likes and follows and nominations for awards. It’s a fun, creative outlet and it matters when someone likes and especially comments. How can I make year two better? You tell me.

Do you think it matters if you post on a daily basis or once a week?

Do you think it’s important to visit your followers and comment, or are you content with them visiting you? I’m always struck with awe when bloggers have several hundredΒ  followers. How on earth do you keep up? Sometimes I can’t reply for days after a post.

Do you like question type posts that encourage commenting, or do you post your opinion and hope for a response?

I’m just curious….

29 thoughts on “First Anniversary”

  1. Congratulations, Cindy. I think you’ve a fantastic blog. I don’t think daily quantity is the most important aspect. Quality and creativity is, and you’ve already got that. Well done.


  2. I try really hard to read every post from followers. I hit like to let them know I was there, and I add a comment if I feel like I can contribute something. If I go too many posts without commenting, I unfollow. I still love getting comments and likes, sometimes you wonder if anyone is reading. If they aren’t, I start questioning myself. I enjoy rapport with people. I decided very early on that I would not post daily, just when I felt like I could share something that others might truly stop and read, if that was twice a week or three times or whatever, I didn’t want to lose followers who didn’t want to see me too often.


    1. I feel the same way. I like the sense of community and conversations mean the most. Yes, I like, too, but comment when I’m really struck with something to say. I have always liked your blog and appreciate your comments! πŸ™‚


  3. I know it’s cliched, but I keep coming back to blogs when bloggers write about things they care about, regardless of how often they post. That often means the topic is a little schizophrenic; I’m fine with that. It really is true, though: if the writer is enjoying herself, the reader is likely to have a good time too.
    Congrats on the anniversary, I hope there are many more to come πŸ™‚


    1. Thanks for your input! In the end, you have to write for yourself–not because one is selfish, but that’s the best post, because one’s heart is in it. Love your blog, btw.


  4. Congratulations on your anniversary!
    I don’t get around the blogosphere as much as I once did, but I do enjoy my visits here, and the variety of your content makes a refreshing change from the plethora of review orientated film blogs I follow.
    If I was you I wouldn’t change a thing.


    1. Thank you!! I’ve thought you were a very smart writer and I enjoy hearing from you. I like Meg and Michelle, but not as much as you do– it would be a challenge for me to limit my discussions to two favorite actors, yet you do it! πŸ™‚


  5. Congratulations, Cindy! I like your blog to be eclectic, because I like to blog on different topics of my interest too. I like reading your blog and you are very perceptive in your movie posts.


    1. Thank you, Opalla–I sense we have a lot in common–especially music for which I am glad. I like your hikes and food stories. You are interesting and I like being eclectic, too. I have read a lot of books, but when I post about a novel, I don’t get much “action” so I write about films because I think they are art forms. πŸ™‚


      1. I guess we have the same dilemma, Cindy, whether to post to please the other bloggers and get a lot of “likes, or just write about what we enjoy doing. Not an easy balance.


        1. I have come to believe the best posts are those where the author put some heart into it. I try to mix up the topics. It just so happens the movie buff bloggers comment and are more willing to share opinions than say book lovers or photographer bloggers. It motivates me to write about films. Anyway, always happy for your readership….:)


  6. Congrats on the one year anniversary. I think posting every day is a bit much for most folks to keep up with (I know it is for me) and writing for your own pleasure should take precedence……it should remain fun. Here’s to another year of blogging entertainment πŸ™‚


  7. Well done Cindy! Keep up the good work.

    I usually just post when I can think of something I find interesting. I really like to encourage comments. Not sure how to get hundreds of followers so I just keep plugging away.

    Hope year 2 is fun for you


    1. I have 242, but I hear from 10. Rather like Facebook. It’s good, my ego doesn’t need to hear from 242 but when I look on a site and I see they have 1,800 or 5,000 or 12,000 followers, I can’t fathom how they keep up with them all. I like your blog, Mike, and appreciate your readership! Cheers to Minnesota….


  8. Congratulations. One year is a great achievement and you have consistently interesting and well-written posts. As an eariler commenter says, a key element is to post for your own pleasure. Well done!


  9. Congrats!!!
    About your query on how to improve your blog. Just continue doing what you’ve already been doing. It’s obviously working. Ha!!
    Great Blog!! And thanks for being a follower of my blog as well.


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