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Five Shots: Driving by Sedona, AZ


If you have not already, consider driving on Rt. 89A from Flagstaff to Sedona through Oak Creek Canyon. It would alleviate anyone’s stress. Maybe because the speed limit is 25mph, you have time to look out the window as you catch one breathtaking view after another. I drove. Jim clicked the shots in motion with my camera. Here are five shots riding home from Flag.






Which one do you like best? Which one would you guess was taken between the downtown buildings in Sedona?

6 thoughts on “Five Shots: Driving by Sedona, AZ”

  1. Well … (is it a trick question?) i recognize the coffee pot … but that seems a bit too easy. so i’m guessing it’s in the chalice from the palace.
    but everybody knows that coffee is the brew that is true.


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