Five Shots: Harley Davidsons on Parade




The annual Thunder Valley Rally in Old Town Cottonwood, AZ is here. It’s a festival weekend where you can show off your Harley Davidson and listen to live music. Shiny and gorgeous, here are five shots.  Can’t wait to hear Leon Russell play tomorrow night.






7 thoughts on “Five Shots: Harley Davidsons on Parade

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  1. I asked Rose if I should buy one of those new Trikes – 3 wheels cycles. They look like they would be a nice ride and less crashable than an ordinary bike. I always been a bit scared of motorcycles. Figured I’d kill myself for sure. Lost a couple of friends that way. Anyway … she wouldn’t go for it. But I like to look at them. Some are beautiful.


    1. Rose is a wise woman. I remember the thrill of oxidation on the back of a bike, arms wrapped around a warm torso–so intimate and free, the experience. Now I would just think how close the pavement was and how I don’t bounce anymore. Ah, youth.


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