Five Shots: AZ Savanna


I’ve never been to Africa, but my imagination pretends the Serengeti region is somewhat similar to where I live. That is, the wide space and clouds and all the patterns and textures fill up your senses. Here’s five shots outside of Sedona, by Sycamore Canyon, Verde Valley, with Jim and Bear.






Which one do you like best?

13 Comments on “Five Shots: AZ Savanna

  1. You live in a beautiful place. I’ve only visited once – years ago – but I’d love to come back again some day. ❀


  2. It’s that time of year again….we’ll be heading in your direction soon. Last year we stayed at Dead Horse Ranch State Park and barely touched on the beauty of the area. Beautiful photos….can’t pick a fave.


  3. Lovely and I miss that part of the world. I like the first shot the best, but I’m a sucker for wild flowers.


    • Thanks! We’ve had a fantastic monsoon season and I’ve seen plants and colors I haven’t been expecting to see. The High Desert is great. One day, the real savanna!


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