Five Shots: Red Maples in the Desert


One aspect of moving out to Arizona which concerned me was missing the maples turning during fall. I went to grad school in Vermont, lived in the Shenandoah Valley, Virginia, for seven years and spent enough time in Wisconsin and Illinois to appreciate the grandeur of fall’s colors. Imagine my surprise when I discovered maples were just around the corner at Westfork Canyon, ten minutes north of Sedona.

Here’s five shots I took today. No manipulations–just the glory of nature in all her splendor.






Which one do you like best?

13 thoughts on “Five Shots: Red Maples in the Desert

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      1. I’m disappointed that for all of the rain we had this summer, the trees aren’t turning. There are several miles and counties that suffered damage from the ice storm three years ago and I think most of the trees were damaged to the point that they just don’t turn color like they should.


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