Dear Virtual Friends,


It’s time to write that second novel.


My first novel set in Illinois, 1900, involves four unique characters whose unlikely friendships draw them toward theft, riot, and murder in a coal-mining town. You can read it on kindle for $3 or buy a hard copy on Amazon. Feel free to read the reviews, and I invite you to check out my website for a preview of my writing style at:

For all my friends and family who did buy a copy and read it, many thanks!

I’m researching and beginning the second novel in the series. It’s now 1929 and the setting will take place in Jerome, Arizona and Hollywood. I can’t wait to have my protagonist behind the curtains of a great classic film. Perhaps The Hollywood Revue of 1929?  


I enjoy evoking the senses and concentrate on creating images. I like to dive deep into the psyches of my characters and express their perspectives within plot-driven stories. For example, one of the new principle characters is a psychotic killer and another is a seventeen year old Hopi Indian named Kay. I hope you’ll stick around, and I’ll share my research discoveries and writing experiences with you. As always, your comments I crave. Wish me luck!


Your Favorite Fan

8 thoughts on “Dear Virtual Friends,

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    1. Thanks for the well wishes. I will definitely visit blogs and will occasionally write film and photo posts, but I had to reprioritize. I spent all my time this past year blogging– it’s addicting–and no time spent creative writing. Can’t wait to put to pen the story in my head! 🙂


  1. After a short hiatus from blogging, how goes the progress with the book?

    (Incidentally, we also have novel writing in common. Someday I’ll get mine up on Amazon, as well, but the task of formatting it as an e-book seems so daunting.)


    1. I ought to be writing as we speak but I have so much fun writing blogs, it pulls me away from the long, solitary project. The self-publishing isn’t hard, it’s just expensive. Truly an avocation at this point!


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