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Five Shots: Cloudy Gray Skies


Rarely are gray skies leaden and disheartening. Ironic, isn’t it, that there are so many colors in a gray sky? Here are five shots + 3  to share.


Up in the clouds


summer monsoon

snow rolling over the mountain


an afternoon shower


clouds halving the Eiffel Tower

lake late fall

a December first afternoon


light burrowing through

I love being the wind. Which cloudy gray sky did you like best?

A. Mt. Pilatus, Switzerland

B.  Clarkdale, AZ

C. Cottonwood, AZ

D.  Pearl Harbor, HI

E. Eiffel Tower, Paris

F. G. Lake Laura, Shenandoah Valley, VA

15 thoughts on “Five Shots: Cloudy Gray Skies”

  1. Love all of them, but if I’ve got to choose, aesthetically speaking, ‘snow rolling over the mountain’, there is something very unique about it. But traditionally, the first ‘done to death’ kind of scenic pic, is my favourite. Kind of view I’d like to see when I wake up in the morning.


  2. You have a very good eye, Cindy!

    All are exceptional. I like the Mt. Pilatus shot with its winding road along the ridge line. And the Shenandoah Valley photo for its telling all that fall is over. The frozen lake is very “Fargo”ish. Stark in its snowy, middle of nowhere expanse.


    1. Hiya, Jack! Nice you popped around. Thanks! The Mt. Pilatus shot has a history behind it. I wasn’t aware of how afraid of precipes I was until I was at the spot. I couldn’t breath–small ridge, nothing but air and here was I like a bird on the ledge. I was never so frightened. I don’t know how I took the shot, really. That little trail was miles and miles long….I wish I could admit I was brave enough to descend it naturally, but I retraced me steps and took the cable car down. 😉


  3. What stunning photos! LOVE the one by the Eiffel Tower, so jealous that you went there. My mom took my bros and I to Paris when I was in Jr High but we actually never made it to Eiffel Tower, only saw it from a distance, can you believe it? 😦


    1. That’s hard to believe, Ruth! I was so mad the date was on the picture setting–can’t seem to remove it. Ruined the shot, but I do love the clouds cutting it in half. You should revisit! 😉


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