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Five Shots: The Year In Flowers


Winter has put to rest the colors I took for granted late summer. O where are the velvety petals from spring?

Here are five shots from 2013.

DSC01630 (2)

March daffodils


July Sweet Pea


The corner bed


field of yellow


after a July rain

Which one do you like best?

15 thoughts on “Five Shots: The Year In Flowers”

  1. Stunning! Love each, but the last two are absolutely divine. We have sleet and freezing rain on the ground. I was so desperate for anything to snap, I cornered some weeds and made them pose pretty before the storm hit. No wonder I’m always sick lately.


  2. Nice daffodil! I have several of those in my back yard that pop up on the 1st of every March, just like clockwork. Those and catnip are about the only plants I seem to have much luck with.


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