Five Shots: The Year In Flowers


Winter has put to rest the colors I took for granted late summer. O where are the velvety petals from spring?

Here are five shots from 2013.

DSC01630 (2)

March daffodils


July Sweet Pea


The corner bed


field of yellow


after a July rain

Which one do you like best?

15 thoughts on “Five Shots: The Year In Flowers

  1. Stunning! Love each, but the last two are absolutely divine. We have sleet and freezing rain on the ground. I was so desperate for anything to snap, I cornered some weeds and made them pose pretty before the storm hit. No wonder I’m always sick lately.


    1. Oh, you poor thing! Take care of yourself. Lately I’ve been buying flowers at the grocery store just to have color again to look at. Thanks for your comments! 🙂


  2. That lily is utterly gorgeous!


    1. Thanks, Abbi! It was surrounded by a 100 others when I took the shot. Not the lily means a lot today, when it’s frigid and dead outside.


  3. July Sweet Pea
    Congrats!! You’ve been nominated (by me) for The Sunshine Award


    1. You are kind and I’m honored, Nuwansen! Your opinon is award enough for me! Happy you are a regular stopper 🙂


      1. Glad to be a regular stopper. I genuinely like your blog the best.
        And you are ‘the’ most regular visitor to my blog too. Appreciate that a lot.


  4. After a July rain would be my favorite.


    1. Oh, thank you! It was a windy day and they swayed and “talked” to us. Blue/gold is a favorite color combo for me. 🙂


  5. Boy these are all gorgeous Cindy! Tough to pick a favorite but I really love the The corner bed one.


    1. Thanks, Ruth! I miss those amazing colors 🙂


  6. Nice daffodil! I have several of those in my back yard that pop up on the 1st of every March, just like clockwork. Those and catnip are about the only plants I seem to have much luck with.


    1. That burst of yellow after the monochromatic gray of winter always brightens my day 🙂


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