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Five Shots: Beaches


Friends and family are bunkered down from the recent cold snap across the U.S., and I daydreamed about some of my favorite beaches. The air is a tonic, the sound of waves soothes, and the colors in the sand and water change every minute. Can you guess from where in the world these five + 2 are located?




ft L. ocean




A. Saratoga, Florida

B. Turtle Bay, Oahu

C. Mykonos, Greece

D. Ft. Lauderdale, Florida

E. Lulworth Cove, England

F. Horseshoe Bay, Bermuda

G. Virginia Beach, Virginia

Where in the world is your favorite beach?

4 thoughts on “Five Shots: Beaches”

  1. Oh man, what I would give to be in one of these beaches right about now! This has been THE coldest December ever, running about 25 degrees below normal which is supposed to be around 27˚ F 😦


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