Five Shots: Az Winter Sunset


In North Central Arizona, it snowed this morning and the drama of the evening sky did not disappoint. Here are five shots out my back door in the Verde Valley.






Which one do you prefer?

13 thoughts on “Five Shots: Az Winter Sunset

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  1. I love the 3rd one, you’ve managed to get a great combination of colours in that. You’ve managed to capture Green, Brown, blue, white and pink. And a sort of a touch of a purplish hue as well. And two orange-ish speckles (must be a street light).


      1. Ha!! I don’t know if I’m a great photographer, but I do pay attention to details. But yes, I’m an artist (though not famous). And I enjoy analysing films, books, art, photography et al.
        But you definitely are a good photographer. And great writer.


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