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Actors I Pair Up

Have you thought about one star and jump to another in association? It could be they shared a hot run during a decade. Maybe it’s because their talent is equal and they evoke the same emotions out of me. Often, one star reminds me of a class act from the past. Here are a few pairs I box in my mind.

Morgan Freeman, b. 1937, 76 years old, 106 credits, 4 Academy nominations, one win in 2005 for Million Dollar Baby. Certain films stand out: Glory, Driving Miss Daisy, The Shawshank Redemption, Seven, The Dark Knight, The Bucket List, Invictus, and his narration in March of the Penguins have left a lasting impression with me.

Anthony Hopkins, b. 1937, 76 years old, 125 credits, 3 Academy nominations, one win in 1992 for Silence of the Lambs. My favorite roles of Sir Anthony include: The Elephant Man, The Silence of the Lambs, Amistad, Legends of the Fall, Remains of the Day, and Hitchcock. 

Does it seem to you these two actors are in EVERY movie? They play authoritative, calm, intelligent characters. Their voices could melt butter. I wonder if they aren’t trying to win some contest for the most prolific career. John Wayne made over 200 films–they better step it up if they are going to catch him.

Grace Kelly and Naomi Watts both have the same amount of talent, the same fragile, exquisite looks, and classy reputations.

Gerard Butler is 44 and Russell Crowe is 49. They both play Roman warriors to perfection. They command and love with passion and conviction. Neither actors can sing very well, but their less than operatic voices matched their flawed characters. Gerard Butler was the scarred, voice of the night in The Phantom of the Opera and Russell Crowe the obsessed Javert in Les Misérables.

Cate and Kate are the best actresses working today. I wrote a post about these two before, if you have time:

Cary Grant and George Clooney. Not only do they look-alike, they can assume comedic roles as well as dramatic ones. They both look great in a suit and age with unfair ease.

Emily Blunt is a British actress and Kelly Macdonald is Scottish, but they both have  that waif-like, blushing quality that is charming. Underneath the soft exterior, they are both talented actresses and their quiet strength on the screen is powerful. The two seem like soul-sisters to me.

How about Michelle Pfeiffer and Lauren Bacall? Sharp. Smart. Uncompromising.

Oh, Zachary Quinto. What were you thinking? For decades I’ve listened to Leonard Nimoy complain about how Spock killed his career as a serious actor and how he wished he could separate himself from the long-eared icon. I don’t know how I can every think of Zachary Quinto as anything other than the new Spock. He’s too perfect for the role, I fear he’ll never be able to branch out. What a problem to have, right?

Does one actor remind you of another?

30 thoughts on “Actors I Pair Up”

    1. Hi Abbi, you are right! They look like twins. I can’t imagine being married to Sacha Baron Cohen. What a bizzare household that must be! Amy Adams has a lot of talent as an actress. Thanks for sharing.


  1. As contemporaries I always bracket De Niro and Pacino, and it was a real thrill watching them together in Heat back in the day. Paul Newman and Steve McQueen are also inextricably linked in my mind.
    I agree with your choice of Naomi Watts and Grace Kelly. It’s strange that Naomi’s best friend Nicole Kidman was the one who landed the part in the forthcoming Grace Kelly biopic.


    1. BTW, you have managed to link Meg Ryan and Michelle Pfeiffer in my head 😉 However, when I think of Michelle Pfeiffer, I think of Lauren Bacall–feisty, eternally gorgeous, sharp actresses both of them.


      1. Even though I’ve had to go back to work today you’ve put a smile on my face by adding Michelle and Lauren Bacall to your post.
        We’re on the same wavelength and I definitely think Michelle was born too late.


  2. The other day I was talking to someone who compared Christopher Walken to Jon Voight. I’ve always compared De Niro and Pacino to each other as well as Duvall and Hackman.


    1. Yes, I had thought that, too, but I tried to go beyond looks. The more I thought about it, the more I think Knightly and Portman are dissimilar in their acting styles and their voices.


      1. True they are different in terms of acting style. I think Portman is the one who takes more risks in her films, Knightley is excellently suited to period dramas because of her well-spoken voice. Both are great actresses in my eyes.


  3. Very cool post here Cindy! Interesting to see Morgan Freeman and Anthony Hopkins pairing, would love to see both together in a film!

    As for Butler and Crowe, well it’s funny but I was a huge Crowe fan when I fell for Butler. They both certainly have similar intensity, not to mention that sexy, manly charisma 😉 I think Crowe is the much better actor though, but Butler is the better singer as I LOVE his singing in POTO (which I just rewatched again this weekend).

    I never saw the resemblance but Michelle Pfeiffer and Lauren Bacall certainly could be sisters! Both are beautiful and charismatic actresses too!


    1. Hi Ruth! I appreciate your comments. I think Butler is a better actor than Crowe! How about that? I just think that Butler needs some decent roles and opportunities to bring his talents out. I love POTO and cry everytime he is on the rooftop hiding and “All I Ask of You” is playing. It’s heartwrenching 😉
      Baall and Pfeiffer have that cold, queenly air about them. They are so beautiful it hurts to look at them.


      1. Y’know, I’m not going to refute you on that one. It’s true Butler needs to be wiser about picking his roles, as his earlier roles before he was famous displayed dramatic chops that equals some Oscar-winning performances.

        Oooh, I LOVE that we’re both POTO fans!! I just saw the stage performance last Friday, 2nd time this month, but I still hold Butler’s performance dear to my heart. I too cry every time I saw that scene you spoke of and he was absolutely mesmerizing as Phantom. He’s soooo sexy in the ‘Point of No Return’ scene I always rewind that one, ahah. In fact, I may watch it again tonight though I had just seen it 2 nights ago for the zillionth time 😉


        1. HaHaHa! OOOOhhh I love ‘Point of No Return’. Aren’t the flames on the stage and the costumes perfect? He smoulders and I can sure see how she would be tempted to stay underground and choose the music of the night 😉
          Matthew McConaughey is having a hot year because he finally started playing roles that showcased his talent. I know both he and Butler have been cashing in on their eye-candy potential in RomComs, but it’s a waste of their talents. Hope Butler can get his hands on better scripts.


  4. Wow…Butler and Crowe almost look like identical twins in those photos!

    When I think of movie pairs I think of Mel Gibson & Danny Glover and Richard Pryor & Gene Wilder.

    The match-up of Clooney with Cary Grant would be amazing – if a contemporary actor could be compared to a classic one, it would have to be Clooney with Grant – they both have that suave sophistication with plenty of charisma, good humor and refined appearance.


    1. I agree. I think Clooney is aware of this comparison and plays it up–he looks great in a bowtie and tux and his graying hair only aids to his transiition into an older, suave personality with a lot of clout. You raise up the partnership pairings–I like it! I suspect Chris Pine and Z. Quinto will become the newest pairing in people’s minds. Thanks for your comments, Dan 🙂


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