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Five Shots: Willow Springs Lake



Today, Jim, Bear, and I escaped to the high country around the Mogollon Rim area, 20 miles east of Payson, Arizona, and inhaled the crisp air all day. Jim fished, I hiked, and Bear swam. Here are five + three shots of this pretty lake.






Which shot do you like best?

11 thoughts on “Five Shots: Willow Springs Lake”

  1. I agree with jjames36. The first one is framed beautifully by the trees and I love the contrast of the snow. My favorite part of the series is how still the lake is and the reflection it provides. Great hike!


    1. Greetings, Mr. Mike! Winter visits keep the tourists away. Only a few families out there. The best part is the AZ sunshine. Even though it was 40, the sunshine on your back felt like you were next to a fire. Perfect day for a hike. Thanks πŸ™‚


      1. that sounds spectacular. Here in Korea all the parks are pretty crowded. I’m hoping with a little more exploration I can get away from the locals but its a small country with a lot of people haha. Its nice that hiking is such a popular past time… except when you want to be alone


  2. I can’t choose between your photographs of the natural beauty of Willow Springs Lake, so I’ll say the fishing float and hook is my favourite.
    The lake and its surrounds looks fabulous, and it must be nice when the three of you can enjoy your different activities in the same place.


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