Five Shots: The Long and Winding Road


Coming home from Rim Country on Rt. 260, Jim and I were on the mountain top before descending into the Verde Valley, Arizona. Come along for the ride and share our sunset.






 The layers of colors took my breath away. Which shot do you like best?

14 thoughts on “Five Shots: The Long and Winding Road

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  1. Wow you’ve surpassed yourself!
    They are all incredible, but the bottom one is my favourite. Arizona must be relatively pollution free for you to enjoy such beautiful skies.


    1. Tis true, Paul. The skies are so big the clouds have a field day in them. Fresh and dry. Coming from the East Coast and Midwest most my life, this is a refreshing change. I hope you get a chance to visit. 🙂


      1. I would love the opportunity to visit the Arizona I’ve only seen in some of my favourite movies.
        Prescott and it’s annual rodeo which featured in Junior Bonner, and Mary’s Diner on Highway 89 in Flagstaff, one of the locations from Two-Lane Blacktop, would be two of my first ports of call.
        Maybe one day.


        1. Paul, Prescott is just over the hill. Flag is only an hour away. You’s love the big sky and where I live, the Verde Valley is green and beautiful. Sedona’s Red Rocks only 15 minutes away has the best topography on earth. It’s definitely worth a vacation. I’m just glad I live the vacation every day. 🙂


  2. I really do need to apologize for when I get behind like this, please do not take it personally. Sometimes life, research and these dang computers put me behind schedule.


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