About to start reading about Graham Nash ‘Wild Tales: A Rock and Roll Life.
Like your list much. 🙂



Dear Boy: The Life of Keith Moon by Tony Fletcher

This book, like, or rather because of, Keith Moon, is absolutely insane. Seriously Moon the Loon doesn’t even cover it. There are so many stories, most of which are hilarious (ones involving Steve Marriott’s new record player and Oliver Reed, some whiskey and a tortoise) but also some that show the dark side of rock excess (Moon’s butler accidentally running over a fan). It isn’t hard to see why Moon departed this earth at the age of 32.


Life by Keith Richards

Usually autobiographies or authorised biographies are pretty dull because the subject only tells you what they want you to know. Not so with Keith’s book, which is, as you would expect, a tale of rock ‘n’ roll excess in the extreme. He has a an easy going nature as he narrates his story, and is happy to divulge…

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  1. Strange what humans will do when excess lands on their plate. I just saw a post about Caligula on another blog … Justin Beiber …
    And we wonder how we would behave in similar circumstances. ??? A unique experience … opportunity?
    It’s easy to find fault in how such people behave, but I’m betting I’d do the same. I surely wouldn’t want to arrive at age 50 and look back and say Geez … I wasted that … now I can’t go back.
    Providing I’m still alive, of course.


    1. Hi! I am so glad I never met any pushy drug users–I was up for the adventure, whatever it was. Excess on my plate would have been disasterous. I’m a full believer one should not get everything one wishes for. 😉


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