The Desert Colors of Spring


Who said the desert landscape looks dead? Coming from the Midwest and East Coast, I did when I first moved out here. I’m used to grass and deciduous trees. I had to see beyond the rocks on the ground (No mowing!) and see instead texture, lines, space, and color.


It’s spring in AZ with temps in the 60s and 70s. Everything is popping color. Jim and I headed southeast down past Phoenix and checked out the state botanical garden. If you visit Arizona, I highly recommend the Boyce Thompson Arboretum State Park. Founded in the 1920s by mining magnate and philanthropist, William Boyce Thompson, it’s a beautiful destination for a day trip. Here are the colors we saw the other day.






Walking by these large Barrel cacti reminded me of snorkeling and viewing Brain Coral.




They look like pineapples, don’t they?


Anna’s Hummingbird. We have these beauties at the house daily. At the arboretum, they flocked together, buzzing under the shady trees. I love their fuchsia heads and throats. If you would like to investigate the park further, check out their website.

Which shot do you like best?

21 thoughts on “The Desert Colors of Spring

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  1. Great shots, Cindy!

    There are wonderful things hiding under the sands.

    Spent an afternoon roaming around the dry lake beds of Edwards AFB after an odd shower.

    All kinds of snails started poking up around small spreading cacti and weird looking Joshua trees.

    Thanks for bring back fond and colorful memories.


    I’m also going to be busy with posts at Paula’s, Michael’s and Ruth’s this week.


    1. Hi there, stranger! Glad you stopped by for a visit. I look forward to reading your posts and appreciate your comments. Hey, you should check out the film posts I’ve made lately that you’ve missed. πŸ˜‰


  2. Your beautiful photographs have provided me with some welcome relief from the the rain and gale force winds that are battering The UK today.
    Like most people the hummingbird photograph is my favourite. It must be a real thrill to capture one of the world smallest and most fascinating birds. Is it true they can fly up, down, sideways, and backwards?


    1. Hi Paul. I remember living in northern Scotland and to this day, I can hear the wild winds and the sting of the pelting rain/snow. My sympathies for your extended winter. As far as the hummingbird goes, yes! It does all of the above. I learned the other day when he does his courting, he soars straight up and dives down until his female is amused enough to respond. They cheer me up whenever I see them. πŸ™‚


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