Away To The Tundra

Happy St. Patrick’s Day and all that. I traveled to the barren wasteland of Illinois and have been out of the loop for 10 days. I can’t believe the withdrawls! Looking forward to reading your posts; I have several on the way. Have a save and fun evening.


Thank God I live in Arizona!


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    1. LOL. I’m getting there. Sat in the sun yesterday afternoon and let it sink into my bones.
      You’ve had a hard winter, too, haven’t you? Hope those flowers over there push through soon!


  1. Compared to what still sits on my front lawn, even after five consecutive days of 50+ degrees, that shot is basically snowless. Looking forward to seeing/reading whatever else you have coming.

    Were you in Illinois for pleasure?


    1. I saw my folks; my dad is on oxygen and my mom is recovering from eye cancer. Those hearty two keep each other alive. It was great to see them. One of my sons lives back home and I saw old friends and ate great pizza. I avoided looking at the bleak landscape as much as possible. Now back to work! 😉
      Thanks for asking, Josh.


  2. Hi, Cindy:

    The “tundra”, such as it was visited outside Washington, DC. With a night and morning of light, fleecy, fine, “Wundra” like gravy flour snow falling for about eight inches. Which shut down the federal government (except for mail delivery) Monday morning. Creating two hours of shoveling around 2am, Monday morning and an hour about 10am.

    One thing Arizona has when its not cold. Is warmth. I’m glad your “Thaw out” is proceeding so well and comfortably.


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