Five Shots: Red

What can beat the color red in nature? Here are five shots I took this past year of my favorite reds.






Which red is your favorite?

15 thoughts on “Five Shots: Red

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      1. Ha! I think he’s a Peregrine. Came the other day and sat looking around from the deck. I was inside and peeked through the blinds. The sun caught his red and inflamed them. What a treat! πŸ™‚


  1. oooo nice .. (just edit that autumn stuff outta there .. lol .. makes me feel like we bypassed Spring and Summer or something) .. and im soooo ready for a Spring.


      1. HAA ill git u fer this!
        well i lived on the West Coast for a while … and they have daffodils and blossoms out for a while now. i always wonder why im stuck on the prairie. ?


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