Scorsese, Paul Newman, Tom Cruise

I miss Paul Newman.

Cindy Bruchman

the_hustler_dvd_20-_20poster1   The-Color-of-Money-1986

Oh, how I love to shoot pool.

Scorsese, Newman, Cruise–a trifecta for me. After a revisit of both films this past fortnight, I am pleased to share my opinions with you. Rack ’em up!


The Hustler is a modern classic. It is twice the better film than The Color of Money, and it has nothing to do with Scorsese. The acting and the script makesThe Hustler better. I would bow to Scorese for creative directorial shots, however. The Hustler is art while The Color of Money is a good film. Personally, Paul Newman’s Oscar win for The Color of Money was a gift because he lost in 1961 as best actor in The Hustler. In 1961, West Side Story won everything. I adore West Side Story, so I can’t complain too much, but I do contend that to rectify the situation, when The Color of Money came…

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20 thoughts on “Scorsese, Paul Newman, Tom Cruise”

  1. Paul Newman is such a beautiful, beautiful man 😉

    Btw Cindy, hope you don’t mind me linking to your Musicians Who Become Actors post on Friday.


  2. I miss Paul Newman as an actor, and he was also a wonderful human being, evidenced by the money he raised for charities. I recently watched Hud again, another of his great performances in a true five star classic.


    1. Hi Paul! I need to see ‘Cat on A Hot Tin Roof’. I think Cool Hand Luke is one of the best films out there and I sure loved Road to Perdition. I haven’t seen Hud! Ouch! I better rent that soon. 🙂


  3. Do you recall the beating that Newman took from the critics early in his career? Guess he showed them a thing or two. The Verdict: Class.
    Cruise? Other than “Born on the Fourth of July” Tom has never been able to establish himself Critically – though all his movies make a ton of money – and are usually re-watchable. Not really a criticism … but curious.


    1. Yeah, Newman was always in competition with Marlon Brando and seemed like a wannabee to critics. He really came into his own and I believe surpassed Brando to become a legend of his own. Class is right. I buy “Newman’s Own” just because. Tom did a fantastic job in Born on the Fourth of July I like Tom. I think people love to raz him but he is a fine actor able to create energy and passion and he does have dimensions other than screaming with his mouth wide open. I think of The Last Samaruri as an example. He was perfect in the role. I love the Mission Impossible franchise; better than Bourne, better than many actors. He has a great presense on the screen. I will always vouch for him, however if he asked me to marry him, I’d say no. 😉


  4. Hi, Cindy:

    The Hustler has it all over Scorsese’s later The Color of Money .

    For mood, atmosphere and glorious B&W tension, you cannot top Gleason owning the role of Minnesota Fats and making his own shots. While Newman’s Fast Eddie pushes the boundaries to achieve a righteous place at the table.

    The Color of Money is a nicely done execution of who and what Fast Eddie would be decades later. Still sticking to his own code while imparting some wisdom to Tom Cruise. It’s a good film, but not a great film.

    If you are a fan of Gleason. Look for a neat little bio-pic titled oddly enough, Gleason with Brad Garrett (Everybody Loves Raymond) and Saul Rubinek. A well detailed film dealing with the young upstart and the very beginnings of what would be called “Variety television”.


        1. Cool Hand has been on the list for some time, actually. But it just jumped up in priority. 🙂

          The Hustler might take a while. Netflix tells me it’s A Very Long Wait.

          Incidentally, I’m almost done with Oryx and Crake. It is a bit heavy on backstory and summary and a bit lite on scene, but I still like it. Quite a bit.


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