Five Shots: Green


Is there anything more invigorating than the rejuvenation of Spring expressed by the wonderous color of green? I never appreciate the color more than now. Here are five + two shots of green.


The skeletal map of leaves


water lilies and rock gardens


Juniper branches and berries


back yard garden of greens

garden 1

lush English gardens


mountain top carpets


How green is my valley?

Which green shot do you like best?

18 thoughts on “Five Shots: Green

Add yours

      1. I’m in Florida – all we get is a quick break from the heat, so different flowers come out at different times of year. We DO have a change of seasons – BUT you have to look close and be aware of the nature around you.


  1. I’ll go with the last. It almost looks like a painting, the colors are so lush and vibrant, both in the foreground and the background.

    Great shot.


  2. Oooh I love that pond with the water lilies! Reminds me of my childhood home where my mom used to hang orchids above our pond. πŸ˜€


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