Five Shots: Oak Creek, Sedona, AZ


Jim and I had a chance to get out and hike around Oak Creek just north of Sedona. Everything seemed green and white today. Here are five plus three shots:









I loved how the sun bleached out the rocks. Which one is your favorite?

17 thoughts on “Five Shots: Oak Creek, Sedona, AZ

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    1. Hi TB! We are down in the canyon and by water, it’s green. Sedona is cool because the rocks are red and so it’s very very beautiful. I live fifteen minutes away and it’s browner but a light green on the foothills. One hour south, and you are by Phoenix–that’s the brown part. North of me is Flagstaff which is very green. Bonanza style. I love it here.


  1. Number two. Hands down. The river/creek in the foreground and the mountain in the background create appealing depth. And then the trees on the right give the image an almost synchronized height. It’s just a beautiful shot.


    1. Hi Josh! Thanks, my friend. Now if I could manipulate the apeture or shutter speed to compensate for the harsh bright day–the brightness made the rocks white which was awesome as well as bring out the sycamores. I know there’s a manual button on my fancy-dancy camera, but I have yet to veer far from automatic. Thanks, for your approval on #2. It was a great day.


  2. We stayed in Boynton Canyon then drove north along the Oak Creek road, A beautiful part of the world, these photos brought it back to life. A wonderful holiday. Thx. SD


  3. Very nice shots !
    Well .. i bin up Oak Creek at Sedona more than a couple of times. Splashed around, soaked my feet and had a swim too. Ne’r git tired uv it.
    Hope to go again some day …


  4. Stunning location Cindy. I was lucky enough to enjoy a three-week holiday in and around Phoenix a few years ago but never got to Sedona. These pics remind me how much I’d love to get back to Arizona.


    1. Dan, oh, you should. Up my way is far prettier than the hot dust bowl of Phoenix ๐Ÿ˜‰ . My way has green and trees and the red rocks are incomparable. Aren’t you from the UK? What part are you from?


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