Summer 2011: VA to VT to NM

Cindy Bruchman


I conducted an experiment to see how long I could function in society without owning a cell phone. One, I was on a tight budget. The land line had been around my whole life and it seemed perfectly acceptable to share one house phone with all inhabitants therein. A house with one phone, one television, one bathroom. Old fashioned for sure. Two, I was convinced the waves emanating from the thing would zap my brain cells. I thought society’s obsession to upgrade and own and create waste was wrong. I believed in living a simple life from my childhood, and I vowed to, but convenience was alluring. Finally, I did not own a cell phone because I enjoyed the reaction of others when I proudly told them I didn’t have one. I was odd, and it disturbed people who I would choose not to have one. Why that would make…

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5 thoughts on “Summer 2011: VA to VT to NM”

    1. 🙂 It seems very important for “younger folk” to be constantly connected. I never had that much to say that couldn’t wait. As a teacher, I’m rather forced to say current with technology, so I gave in have just about everything. 😉


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