Baby Blues: Top Ten

Yesterday, I presented my top 10 male actors with famous blue eyes. To be equitable, here’s my top 10 list of female actors with memorable limpid pools of blue:

1. Emily Blunt


She’s classy and a role-model for all up and coming girls. Smart and self assured, yet blushing and sweet. She’s great in everything she does.

2. aishwarya-rai


This Bollywood Queen has a perfect face. What films of hers do you like?

3. Katie Perry

MTV Europe Music Awards 2008: VIP Arrivals

Isn’t this pair of peepers what she’s really famous for? I can’t really say she’s an actress unless you count her voice as a Smurf as acting. Still, her eyes are pretty amazing and bankable. 

4. Megan Fox


I don’t think she has great acting abilities, however, does she need them? She’s utterly gorgeous and many a man find her eyes hypnotizing.

5. Cate Blanchett


The best actress out there working today–sorry, Meryl, you have great blue eyes, too–but Cate’s pale blue eyes transform with every role. From Elizabeth to Blue Jasmine and everything else in between, her acting is golden. 

6. Reese Witherspoon


Cute and eternally the girl-next-door, her blue eyes are breathtaking. I’m glad she won an Oscar for June in Walk the Line.

7. Naomi Watts


While many had mixed reviews for Peter Jackson’s King Kong, I thought it showcased Naomi Watts best acting job. She was perfect–vulnerable, precious, compassionate, and beautiful. Her friendship with a CGI monster was believable. I loved her vaudeville act on the ledge of the cliff as she tried to woo King Kong.

8. Vanessa Williams


In the 1980s and 90s, this former winner/loser Miss America has since done everything from dancing, singing, acting, and producing. Is there another word for beautiful? Somehow the word is banal when you look at her eyes.

9. Grace Kelly


Before there was Naomi Watts there was Grace Kelly. Same porcelain skin, same regal, cerulean hues. 

10. Elizabeth Taylor

They say that violet colored eyes are the rarest of them all. She was a fine actress in Cat on a Hot Tin Roof, Cleopatra, and Who‘s Afraid of Virginia Woolf? She has reigned supreme for half a century as the actress with the most beautiful eyes in Hollywood.

There are many actresses I failed to mention with exceptional blue eyes. Who are your favorites?

25 thoughts on “Baby Blues: Top Ten

Add yours

    1. LOL . Renee is a great choice. Yes, many have the total package like Angie (doesn’t she have brown eyes?) but since I did males with blue eyes I felt compelled to pick some great ladies. 🙂


  1. I had no idea that Vanessa Williams’ eye color was truly blue. Go figure.
    A terrific list of some wonderful beauties and of course, a few incredibly talented folks behind those peepers.


  2. Of your choices, I have to agree with you regarding the lovely Cate with her strong, pleasing features, the classic beauty of Grace Kelly, and the drop-dead gorgeous looks of Liz Taylor.

    Where’s Marilyn?

    Were Bette Davis’ eyes blue?

    I have to look at your baby blues list for males – I’ll be curious if Old Blue Eyes made your list. 😀


    1. Why did I think Marilyn had brown eyes? I was thinking of adding Doris Day–gosh, there’s so many to choose from, so I’m glad you’ve listed some great choices. I was tried to select modern and go backwards and by the time I did that, there were only two spots of the list of 10 to choose from. 😉 I should have done a list of 20.


      1. Lovely Norma Jean did have beautiful dark blue eyes… there are some fabulous photos of her if you type in your search engine, ‘marilyn monroe blue eyes.’

        I can get lost on the web, looking at photos of the stars. Always great fun. Liked your addition of Doris Day; I’d forgotten about Doris. A great lady.


        1. I know! Talk about something cutting into one’s writing time. I love to blog but should stop it to write my novel. It’s going well, I just have to force myself not to blog everyday. I could. 😉


    1. Meg Ryan’s eyes are indeed a shade of blue and although it’s a cliché, they had a certain sparkle in every film she made in her heyday. I was especially taken with the kohl-eyed look Meg sported in “Addicted to Love”.

      It’s hard to look past Elizabeth Taylor as #1 but Bette Davis also had fabulous marlen blue eyes, similar in colour to Elizabeth’s and they were famously immortalised in song.


      1. Paul! HI! Nice to see you rooting for Meg. Yes, I agree on all accounts. I thought of Bette first (actually remember vividly the song from high school) and know the shape but then couldn’t remember if they were blue or green. Same, too, for Ingrid Bergman. Just looked and sure enough, they both could have made the list. 🙂


    1. I’d love to see these classic beauties captured with today’s cameras. I don’t think we really know the depths of color Elizabeth’s eyes were like. Violet. How cool would that be to own a pair!


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