Five Shots: Desert Green


September in North Central Arizona is a great time of year to see spearmint tall grasses and red earth mounds around the Sedona area. A day can start sunny and bright and switch to menacing within a few hours. Here are five plus two shots of a September day from my neck-of-the-woods.


Jim, Bear, and I hiked up a mound for a view of the Red Rocks ten miles away.



Monsoon rains drop in a few times a week which are violent and dramatic and lots of fun to watch from the deck.




Which shot of September do you like best?

22 Comments on “Five Shots: Desert Green

  1. When you said you went hiking I was hoping you’d have pictures! Awesome shots all around, wow those two lightning shots are quite dramatic.


  2. Wow some amazing scenery here Cindy. Pretty impressive to capture lightning in a shot.

    I’ll say the one with the puppy is my favourite. Just cause I love animals so much. Are there any more photos of that adorable beast on your site?


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