Five Shots: Leafing in the Desert

DSC01619Arizona has plenty of red maples and leaf color in the fall if you know where to look. Fortunately for me, it’s only a half an hour away; in places like Oak Creek Canyon, north of Sedona, a fall hike is a respite for the Midwesterner or East Coast transplant who thought they kissed goodbye the greenery in exchange for mild winters and low humidity. You can have it all.

Here are five + three shots–which one do you like best?

DSC01637 DSC01625






Here’s hoping your fall is a pretty one this year.

18 thoughts on “Five Shots: Leafing in the Desert

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    1. See the difference in cameras? The one in Leafing in the Desert was my old camera which broke after a year. So I replaced it with my new camera, which is not as good. I don’t know what to do. Cameras are f*ing expensive to break down after only one year. This “new” one cost me a pretty penny!


  1. I’ve checked on a bigger screen on my laptop now and you’ll have to forgive my ignorance but I’m still not sure I notice a substantial difference. These photos really grabbed my attention due to what is in them which I think you have captured beautifully. I really enjoy the more recent photos taken on your new camera. The duck and the turtle seemed to have less resolution because they were probably taken using a zoom. Beyond that I lack the expertise to discern. Put it another way, get a new camera when you feel like it because your photos are still wonderful and you’ll get no complaints from us.


    1. Thanks, Lloyd, for your kind words. I think you stumbled on an important point. The turtles and duck were far away–this new camera has a nice zoom, but something is lost when I shoot far away. I was thinking of paying for an Adobe program where you can clean up your washed out pics — Photoshop. Somehow it feels like cheating. But I don’t know. You are a photographer–do you have it or know anything about it?

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      1. I’m not a photographer, :-p All the hiking pics were taken on my mobile and in 2012 I wasn’t even thinking about blogging them so thank if you thought any of them reflected skill. I used to have an SLR and a passing interest but that was a long time ago. I don’t know anything about adobe photoshop but an actor once made a photo of me carrying Yoda using it and it looked really good. Does it cost a lot? I don’t think its cheating to use it but I again I think your photos are just great as they are.

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