Five Shots: Desert Snow

IMGP0284 A freak snow storm whitened our Arizona world on New Year’s Eve. I chided my Illinois friends who flew in for a visit and brought with them snow and cold temps. We all wanted to play golf. Instead, we built snowmen and huddled around the fireplace and sipped Maker’s Mark. My camera is broken, but Jim’s Pentax works just fine. Here are five shots of the Verde Valley, New Year’s Day. IMGP0313Toozigoot National Monument, an Anasazi “condominium” ancient grounds. IMGP0308 IMGP0353Sycamore Canyon Wilderness IMGP0346 Strange to see Cacti covered in snow? It’s beautiful here in the desert. Which shot do you like best?

13 Comments on “Five Shots: Desert Snow

  1. Everything looks beautiful under the blanket of snow. Great pics Cindy. Love em all. Happy New Year!!!


  2. Happy New Year Cindy! I didn’t know there’s a freak snow storm in Arizona world on New Year’s Eve. Wow, I don’t think I’ve ever seen a Cactus covered in snow, this is a first! 😀


    • It was fun! Sometimes we get a dusting, but not 6 inches! The fields in the spring should burst with wildflowers. Thanks, Ruth. Happy New Year!


  3. A cactus plant covered in snow? What a great shot! It’s funny how virtually everything looks even nicer with a bit of snow on top of it (except me, of course).


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