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You, as tourist…

Across the globe someone thinks you live somewhere worth visiting. My personal philosophy: never stop being a tourist. A first visit anywhere keeps that zest alive. Try this game. Look at the clue and give yourself a point if you can name the location. Give yourself two points if you’ve photographed your own version of this touristy spot.

1. Strauss’s waltz echoes in the hills

2.  The Best Mall 

alexvirginia 044

 3. A President lived here 


 4. Great skiers ski here

Bavaria Austria 2009 009

5. Maria and  7 Von Trapps sang here.

Bavaria Austria 2009 059

6. I should have stayed at this capital longer.

Bavaria Austria 2009 124

7. Northwest city famous for fish, flowers, and loud fans 


8.  November 9, 1989


9. The most visited paid monument in the world


 Too much champagne under the Eiffel Tower? If not here, where?

10. The Sun King’s workplace and residence 


11. Dave Matthews Band plays here every summer 

 grad 014

 12 & 13  December 7, 1941 





14. Something funny happened on the way. 



How many points did you rack up? What’s your favorite touristy place?   

38 thoughts on “You, as tourist…”

        1. Andrea, I love your blog! Macchu Picchu? I’m soooo jealous! Good for you 🙂 . I don’t typically “follow via email”. Are you wordpress? If so, can you add the “wordpress follow” widget and I’ll read every post you put out there….Also, I can’t “like” your pages or comment. 😦


          1. Thank you so much! I just switched to so everything recently changed! I’m in the process of updating it now, so hopefully by the end of day I will have everything set up!

            Liked by 1 person

  1. “Northwest city famous for fish, flowers, and loud, obnoxious fans ?” Sounds a tad bit harsh to me . . . . . Where else do they throw fish?


  2. I didn’t get many points, but it did remind me of that time I met Maria von Trapped; and the different-than-usual-angle and lit Eiffel Tower renews my wish to visit Paris one day. A fun game. Thank you. 🙂


  3. Not a lot for the tourist where we live in Nottingham. You would have to be a madman to visit Nottingham Castle. It’s not medieval but mid 19th century I think. I wish they’d knock it down and let Walt Disney have a go! Not a lot about Robin Hood either. I suggested a real band of outlaws who robbed tourist buses, but it was turned own. Actually, they made a film about that…


    1. I remember that post, Abbi. It’s better than Amsterdam? I remember your pictures from that trip. You lived in S.Africa as well–Cape Town, I hear, is gorgeous. But you think Budapest the best. That’s cool. The farthest East I’ve been is Vienna. Wishing I could go to Prague.


      1. I liked Amsterdam but it’s been touristed up a lot, where Budapest is still very true to itself. If that makes sense. They haven’t created a bunch of stuff just for tourists. I grew up in South Africa and Cape Town is certainly a spectacularly beautiful place but it’s hard for me to separate visiting as a tourist from being there to see family, etc. So I’m not sure if I would revisit it if I didn’t have to. I have been to Riga in Latvia and Vilnius in Lithuania, which were both really cool. I am still hoping to get to Tallinn in Estonia later this year and possibly Lake Bled in Slovenia next year. I am a big fan of Eastern Europe.


  4. My wife and I did Europe a few years ago, and Venice was by far my favorite, just for the whole secluded abandon. We stayed for a few days and just walked around, bought food, drank wine, walked some more…it was amazing.


    1. Thank you Andrew for sharing! I stayed at Lido Beach, a 20 minute taxi ride. It was grand; the beaches, the neighborhoods, yes, to the wine and the colors for photography. The pigeons freaked me out at St. Mark’s Square.


  5. This is lovely! I’ve only raked up 3 points, I really need to travel more!! I REALLY want to go to Austria since I love The Sound of Music. “Never stop being a tourist” I love that motto 😀


  6. Paris, in France, is my favourite city. But when it comes to countryside. Ah!! Salzburg, Austria (from here). But I also love (from what’s not pictured here) Switzerland (as a whole),Venice & Verona (in Italy), Denmark, Norway, New Delhi (India), Kashmir (India), Goa (India), The Taj Mahal (in India), Pokhara (in Nepal), England (mainly the countryside), Hahndorf (German town in the suburbs of Adelaide, Australia), and many more places in Europe, Asia and Australia.
    Am yet to get a chance to travel to North & South America, and Africa. I’d love to.


    1. Wow, Nuwansen! Loved that you have traveled so much–how great for you! I would love to visit India one day–always wanted to go to Tibet as well as see the Taj Mahal. Really want to go to Istanbul and visit the Hagia Sophia. I think I shall be able to visit S. Africa in the near future. Then, there’s the whole continent of S. America to see. I would like to go to Chili and Argentina and Machu Picchu in Peru. Sigh!


  7. Cool post! 10 points, I guess that’s not too bad. Although I did take pictures at Pearl Harbor, so does that mean I get quadruple points? 😉
    Coolest city I’ve been to is Venice.


    1. Hi James! 10 points–you are in the lead. 🙂 Sure, since I’ve included two pics of P.H., you can rally up 4 points. Venice is special, for sure. The Aegean Sea with it’s wondrous ports still claims my heart as the best I’ve ever seen. Well, shoot. The Alps! No, wait–Ireland… I can’t leave out Sydney and up to Cairns and out to the Great Barrier Reef! Hawaii is pretty darned gorgeous, too. 😉

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