July Jewels


Travel to Illinois in July? The humidity. The heat. It’s just gardens and cornfields. The pace of life moves like a tortoise. The options for excitement are nil. I have adopted this attitude from time to time about my Midwest hometown. That’s why I need photography. I am otherwise obtuse about the unassuming, abundant jewels of nature. My folks are as content in their backyard as Sam is in the Shire. Their wisdom? Let the beauty come to you instead rushing out to find it. No, they don’t share my adventurous appetite, but they are the calmest, emotionally sound pair on the planet, and I believe it’s because their Disney World is out in the backyard.








Garden vegetable salads. Yum! Β Which shot is your favorite?Β 


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      1. Also, when reading your post, i tried very hard to imagine the heat taking over any thought of wanting to actually do something. Unfortunately, the cold and snow here was not letting me. LOL My memory, though, whispered that I had indeed experienced it once. So I live in hope to see such a hot day again, perhaps in a few months?! πŸ™‚


  1. It’s impossible to choose a favorite, Cindy. Your photography invites me in with its lush colors and textures. I feel as if I might be able to tangibly grasp and smell and taste.
    And I miss the Midwest too. You just can’t shake it off. It’s in our cells.


  2. Nice. When I was 6 we lived in Mission City, BC, in the Fraser Valley. Could grow anything there. Flowers … fruit.We had a plum tree, a hazelnut tree and 2 cherry trees in our yard. Us kids would climb up in the large cherry tree and sit on a limb, just reach out and grab some cherrys.
    Long ago.
    Can’t grow any of that here in Calgary.


    1. Can’t grow any of that in Arizona. πŸ˜‰ I was quite the tree climber myself as a kid. I don’t see kids climbing much anymore. Way up there was where I fell in love with the view of the world. I liked the angles and how the different perspective made the most boring object interesting. Thank you, JC.


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