Five Shots: Rainbows and Rain Clouds


California rain slipped into my AZ valley bringing vibrant rainbows and rain clouds. Here are five shots around the house yesterday afternoon. Which one do you like best?


Rainbow over Toozigoot National Monument


Sycamore Canyon Wilderness


Layers within Sycamore Canyon Wilderness


Mingus Mountain


Rain Clouds over Mingus


18 Comments on “Five Shots: Rainbows and Rain Clouds

  1. As always, stunningly beautiful shots Cindy. I think I like the second one the best. The lovely rip of blue sky among the clouds. Love it.


    • Just like cinematography, after a rain is the best moment for capturing dimensions. The sun was perfect–over here, the sun is usually your enemy for photographs because everything is washed out. Thanks, Keith!

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  2. Living in an urban area I rarely get to appreciate a full rainbow. Fabulous photographs. Are there pots of gold in the Arizona wilderness?


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