Five Shots: Devil’s Bridge, Sedona

Today my son and I hiked a popular Sedona, AZ trail: Devil’s Bridge. Here are five shots of our adventure. 






Which one do you like best? 

34 Comments on “Five Shots: Devil’s Bridge, Sedona

    • Hi Bill. I thought the same thing. The first one with the cacti blooming and clouds framing the canyon really had me patting myself on the back. I think that’s one I’ll frame and stick on a wall somewhere. 😉


  1. Number one works best for me, giving good foreground detail, and a view over the whole area too. Impressive countryside indeed, and very different to the rather sedate Norfolk landscapes that I am used to.
    Best wishes, Pete.


    • Hi, Pete! Don’t you dare downgrade the English landscape. I adore England. Sedona, however, does have a robust, grand beauty which makes my hobby of picture-taking a lot of fun. The Red Rocks are unique! 🙂 Number one is my favorite, too. We’ve had a lot of rain this spring which makes the prickly pear cactus sprout magnificent colors.


  2. I prefer the one with the Bigfoot in it. No, seriously, for me it’s three. The people look so tiny and vulnerable compared to the scenery around them.


    • It’s impossible to express in pictures the space and size of the mountains. The people help put them in perspective. Thanks, John


  3. These are breathtaking, Cindy! You live in such a magnificent place of raw beauty.
    If I was forced to choose just one, it would be the first. I love the scope of foreground, background and the way the sky has interacted with both the top of the picture as well as the bottom (the shadows of clouds). Gorgeous!


    • Yay, that’s my favorite, too. Your eye begins at the bottom and rises up to the clouds. Everything was lush and prolific in the high desert yesterday. Thank you 🙂


  4. I’d vote for number one, although #3 was a close second. I love the yellow flowers in the first, though. I always like a photo with a foreground and background.


    • Welcome, Brenda! Thank you for your vote ;). I liked one and three best, too. Only if you click on #2,4 do you get a hint of the space. So hard in landscape shots! Have a great day 🙂


  5. Hi, Cindy:

    You’ve still have great photographic eyes!

    I like the shot under the branch of the Joshua tree. It’s busy, but not too busy. And a true treat for the eyes.

    The Cacti in the foreground shot is very nice, too.

    See if you can find some Kodak B&W film and give Ansel Adams a run for his money!


    • Hi, Kevin! Ha! I love Ansel Adams. I should take down my old SLR and see if I remember how to develop film the old fashioned way 😉


    • When you say AZ, most people think just Phoenix. If you go north 90 minutes, you are in a completely different elevation, coolness, green and the lovely red rocks of Sedona. At the northern end is Flagstaff and the Grand Canyon. It’s a diverse state. Hope you make it some day!


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