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Five Shots: Part 3, Paintings


I wish I could paint landscapes. Instead, I’ll cheat and jazz up the washed out/mediocre shots and transform them into watercolors with my camera. If I could paint the Mogollon Rim, these would be my paintings:






Which one do you like best? 

16 thoughts on “Five Shots: Part 3, Paintings”

  1. 2 and 3 are my favourites Cindy. Some reminded me of the ‘paint-by-numbers’ sets from my youth. They certainly do look ‘painted’ though.
    Best wishes, Pete.


  2. Wow, Cindy, I love them all – and I too wish I had the wherewithal to paint. But these photos are lovely. And if I had to pick I’d say #2. There’s something daring and inviting and very private about the rock ledge. A sort of ‘if you dare’ type of offer.


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