Five Shots: Angry Clouds

1. DSC01211[1]

Monsoon season has arrived with gusto in Arizona. Off the deck the swirling clouds dumped water and dashed away only to return an hour later and drop sheets of more water. Imagine jagged bolts and thunder that makes you leap, and you have an idea what it’s like to experience a monsoon afternoon. Here are five shots of angry clouds at dusk:

2. DSC01215[1]




5. DSC01231[1]

Which shot do you like best? 

32 thoughts on “Five Shots: Angry Clouds

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  1. We had similar weather here in England yesterday, minus those incredible cloud formations.
    Your photographs are all superb but I think #3 is my favourite. It’s reminiscent of a still from a Terrence Malick film!


    1. Hi Paul, I have to chuckle. I thought of Malick, too! There’s something about the magic hour — I love Badlands, for example, and Malick’s wise decision to shoot at dusk when everything is aglow.


  2. Beautiful shots, all. But #2 is by far my favorite. So ominous yet beautiful at the same time. It also kind of recalls images of that epic sandstorm from Fury Road. 🙂


  3. I like number 4. That low swirling cloud looks as if it is coming to get me-personally! That’s the kind of cloud that might have something supernatural hiding within…
    Best wishes from England. Pete.


    1. Thanks, Brenda! I appreciate your vote. I like the first one best. There’s a whiff of pastel blue in the center between gold fury and black horizon that I thought sewed it all together.


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