Arizona Sunsets

orange sunset

What can beat the Arizona sunset? They are magnificent, and I love trying to capture them on the road or out my back door. There’s only a ten minute window, and then the brilliance is gone. Here are five shots taken during the summer season:

1. DSC00732


3. DSC01001

4. road sunset sunset

Which one do you like best? 

65 thoughts on “Arizona Sunsets

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  1. Hey, loving your new blog look Cindy! LOVE all of these, I dig dramatic sky photos 😀 Btw, I’ll be going to Sedona later in September, maybe we can meet up if our schedules match up?


  2. I went straight with number one. The drama is magnificent. Lots of places have great sunsets. Some of my favourites were in Egypt, and we also have some pretty good ones in Norfolk. Nice idea Cindy. All good to see.
    Best wishes, Pete.


      1. I live only 18 miles from the coast, the closest beach is at Wells-next-the-Sea.
        We go a few times a year, more when we have visitors. The next time I am up there, I will try to get some sunsets, but in the summer, we are normally home by then. I will wait until autumn perhaps.
        In Egypt, it about the sunsets over the Nile, with the silhouettes of the palms, and fishing boats. I have print copies of those (somewhere…) but no scanner as yet.
        Regards as always, Pete.


  3. Oh my gosh. I love it when you post your photography. This time it is impossible for me to pick a favorite. 1 and 2 are incredible (look like perfect desktop backgrounds). But there is something 4 that really grabbed me.

    Great stuff Cindy.


    1. Hi Keith! While I’d welcome your visit to my film posts, I’m thrilled you enjoy my photography. I like road (4), too. There’s movement in the picture and your eye leads to the mountains and the closing of the day and when one remembers all that had happened. Thanks, friend.

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      1. I have so much reading to catch up with. We had a great family vacation and then my son and I had a vacation 2.0 which was cool. Now I’m finally getting back in stride. Catching up with movies. Catching up with blogging. Catching up with reading.

        I really like your photography. And you’re in an area that offers itself to a great eye. This isn’t flippant encouragement. You’re really need to keep taking pictures! 🙂


  4. Amazing shots! I do all my sunset pics in one week when we rent a house in Gloucester, Mass. Although on the East Coast, we’re on a bay facing west so it works out perfectly. We even saw a big yellow moonset this year around 11:30 one night.


    1. Ha! JC, you noticed! I don’t know scientifically what it is, but I think it is and because it was so dark you couldn’t see it but when the sun flashed during that brief window, I think that’s what you are seeing. I love it. Thanks for commenting. 🙂


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