Five Shots: Summer Dusk

Tonight was another dramatic night off the deck. It seemed like beams shined up to the heavens or dumped water below.  Here are five shots of the Arizona sky at dusk: 

1. Golden Rays
2. Beam Me Up
3. Mushroom Moisture
4. Prickly Pears
5. Heavenly Set 
Which one do you like best? 

57 thoughts on “Five Shots: Summer Dusk

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  1. #2 closely followed by #5 are my choices. Are some of these shots with rays reminiscent of your Arizona state flag? I seem to remember that, as a child, you would buy a set of paper flags for your sand castles, and, for some strange reason, you always got an Arizona.


    1. It has everything to do with the heat. I learned that in order for those types of storms to occur, the dew point has to be above 50 percent for three days in a row. The heat (we’ve been in a hot spell at 98 F. for the last week) causes the clouds to create all that rain.

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  2. ‘Beam Me Up’ has some really nice saturated colors going on, but I think it’s the title and concept of ‘Mushroom Moisture’ that stands out more to me. All are great shots though Cindy. 🙂


  3. Okay, Cindy, usually I’m fairly confident in finding one or two that I think resonate deeply with me, but this time, I cannot single out just one. I’ve looked at each one again and again and I continue to find more beauty with them all. They’re magical and breathtaking. A true dusting of angelic mystery.
    I will be no hope in the voting department at all this go round. It’s a massive tie.


  4. Oh my, these are breathtaking. #1 and #5 are my faves by far… heavenly indeed!

    P.S. Sorry I haven’t got a chance to reply to your email yet but YES we definitely should try to meet up.


  5. I like the dramatic beauty of #5 but have a soft spot for prickley pears. I was slowly strolling down, peaceful sky, a distant mesa, and then… Was well worth the slow scroll.


    1. Bun, thanks for voting! I just visited your site. You are quite the Debby-Downer! 😉 I’m not a Polly-Anna; I tend to be cynical first then smack myself into a better attitude. Hope you stop by again! Have a nice day.

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  6. Cindy, It’s “Mushroom Moisture” for me/ though the classical Jacob’s ladder shots always inspire, and yr cactus pears were a smilely surprise, I like the more subtle nature, the “quietness’ the watery movement against the landscape made me feel./ Thanx


  7. Holy Bat-Signal, Cindy!

    Exquisite photos!

    It’s a toss up between ‘Heavenly Set’ and ‘Beam Me Up’.

    I sometimes miss my time in uniform. Watching sunrises and set in Arkansas and Kansas. Where you could see weather coming from miles and miles away. And Chain and Ball lightning at night.

    Neither could hold a candle to Arizona!


    1. Hi Kevin, I loved your ‘chain and ball’ description. That’s it perfectly. Thanks for your vote. Oh, I bet Kansas has some lovely sun sets. Don’t know what to say about AZ — I can’t get over the drama every day in skies.


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