Lucky 13 Film Club

My friend KATE LOVETON requested I host a monthly series centered around a group discussion of a film. I thought about it and came up with this idea for which I hope you will take part when you’re willing and able.


I was born on the thirteenth, and I have claimed my lucky number was/is 13–so:

*I will announce the movie of the month to be discussed on the 13th day of the month.

*I will vary the genre and include classics, foreign, and contemporary films.

*3 guests will be a part of the forum to begin the conversation.

Here is my dogma about watching movies:

A revisit always elicits a different response because you’ve gotten older and notice nuances that escaped you the first time you watched it.

Some of life’s chapters were so engrossing, you never saw it in the first place. I’m embarrassed how many “great” films I have never seen. I enjoy catching up with the blind spots and listening to the blogosphere experts.

Even flawed films have aspects that are worth talking about when they illustrate the craft of the film-making or show the human condition excellently.

Films often say more about the decade than the story line. Social history is my passion and films are a legitimate way to explore history.

Kate has requested a period, classic film. Here is October’s film–the award-winning, The Lion in Winter (1968), starring Peter O’Toole and Katharine Hepburn.


Each month I will ask for three guests who will focus on an aspect of the film. You could analyze a scene or critique the performances or analyze the motifs or expound on the cinematography. Anything goes. The guest statements should be brief. That is, no review is necessary since those in the club have agreed to watch the film; spoilers aren’t an issue. You don’t have to rate the film or feel like an expert on the subject. You may not even know what your focal point means but wish to bring it up for discussion.  I will post these conversation starters with a synopsis of the film and that’s when “club members” join in with the discussion.  I will gladly link your site, if you are a guest, so you get some exposure.

If you want to join the Lucky 13 Film Club, all you have to do is vow to re-watch the film with fresh eyes or watch the film for the first time during the month. On the 13th, come to my site and offer your opinions in the comment section to each other.  

If the film offered doesn’t interest you, no worries. Next month might be more to your liking.

Any volunteers to be a guest? EMAIL me at

Here we go!  Watch or re-watch The Lion in Winter and return on OCTOBER 13 to chime in with the others. Guests should send me their blurb by the 10th of the month so I can create the post. 

51 thoughts on “Lucky 13 Film Club

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  1. Two of the greatest on the same stage – finally handed something to showcase their brilliance.

    Sure .. I’m interested in the Club.

    I’ve been thinking on your theme of “Ten Perfect Movies” (did i get that right>)
    My first two are: ‘Scrooge’ (Alastair Sim) and ‘Lilies of the Field (Portier).
    Whadoya say?


  2. Sounds like a really different idea, Cindy. The choice of The Lion In Winter is an unusual one too. I never ‘got’ Hepburn in that role at all, despite the critical acclaim, and her undoubted talent. I will look forward to the rest of this series.
    Best wishes, Pete.


    1. Hi Pete! It’s Kate’s suggestion. A film I should have seen by now, but have not. I think I like her more than you, but I will consider her haughtiness as I view it for the first time. I love Peter O’Toole, and it will be fun to see Anthony Hopkins as a young man. I would really love to have you as a guest in the future. I appreciate your expertise in the realm of film-making.


  3. Hello Cindy! Sorry I couldn’t stop by yesterday, it was super hectic w/ filmmakers interviews all day for TCFF.

    But I’m here now and I LOVE this idea! I think I will partake as I’ve never seen this film in its entirety. I actually saw it years ago for Timothy Dalton in his feature film debut and oh he’s so dreamy (he still is even in his 70s) but I’d love to see this again more closely. So yeah, count me in, girl!


        1. When you watch the film, you are to consider an aspect of the film. Your blurb isn’t a review but a brief comment about how you looked at the film. It’s a conversational opener. You send it to me via email by the 10th of the month so I can add your input to the post on the 13th. If you are swamped, it’s okay.


          1. Ahhh I see! Yes I can totally do that! Would you send everyone a reminder (even a comment on our blog is fine) a week before just to make sure we don’t forget 😀 Thanks for inviting me Cindy, this is a splendid idea!


    1. Hi Abbi, no, of course not. Whenever you see a film you would like to see or rewatch, you just do it and come around on the 13th to participate. Of course, with your witty personality, I’d be honored if you agreed to be a guest speaker at some point!


  4. I’ve just got back from holiday so I’ve only just seen your post, but, I do have this film on DVD, so I will finally watch it and add my two-penneth in the comments.


  5. I’d love to take part. But, unfortunately I haven’t seen ‘The Lion in Winter’, and it’s impossible to locate good movies here. But if I do get hold of it (that would be a miracle), before the 10th of October, I’ll definitely send you my views.
    And if, in your future selections, if there happens to be a movie, I’ve seen, and even better, if I have it in my collection, thus can re-watch it, I’ll definitely join in for those.


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