Five Shots: Colorado Aspens

Aspen Strips
Aspen Strips

Just back from a camping getaway to Colorado. Telluride is known for its Alpen setting and music festivals throughout the year. This past weekend was quiet with few tourists and the Aspen leaves clung to the trees. Here are five + two shots of golds and blues.

Valley View 145 South
Matterhorn I
Hiking around Trout Lake
Hiking around Trout Lake
Snowy Peak
Where Fall and Winter Meet
Where Fall and Winter Meet
Vertical Triangles

Which one do you like best?ย 

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  1. The problem with these photographs and similar spectacularly beautiful photographs of Colorado aspens in the fall is that they can’t replicate the wonderful smell of autumn aspen groves. It is a smell once known that can’t be forgotten. Go there and breathe deep.


        1. When you and Ivan look to make your next trip, I recommend Telluride! It’s touristy like Sedona, so pick an off-festival weekend. When you came out to Sedona would have been the perfect time to go to Colorado. When we went, 60 percent of the leaves had already dropped. Still, magnificence is magnificent and I dislike crowds, so it was a great weekend to explore.


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