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Hiking Around Trout Lake, CO

DSC02339 - Copy
Trout Lake

Trout Lake outside of Telluride is clear, and when hiking around it, it takes on the hue of teal. When I was a girl, I used to draw this scene repeatedly not knowing it existed other than in my imagination. Jagged snow-capped peaks. Rolling hills. Pines poking up to the sky. A large, mountain lake. For me, this landscape is the perfection of nature and transforms into a holiness for which I am unable to describe and only appreciate.


Taken from the side of the 145 highway, south of Telluride, Colorado, when Jim and I turned the bend and I saw my childhood “happy place”, my mouth dropped. I couldn’t wait to get to the edge of the lake and hike around the hills and into the Aspen groves.

Natural Shutters Framing Trout Lake
Glitter and Gold

Sometimes, all that glitters is gold.

DSC02336 - Copy
Hike Around Trout Lake

Every bend around the lake was a photo opportunity. I couldn’t believe our good fortune experiencing this place with the breeze rustling the Aspen leaves around us for company.

Entering an Aspen Grove


Sunset over San Juan Mountains

Back at camp, as the sun set, the mountain range turned an unearthly pink.

Pink Pyramid

With dinner baking in the Dutch oven, all that was left to do was light a campfire and relax.

Camp Site at Dusk

Which shot is best? 

31 thoughts on “Hiking Around Trout Lake, CO”

  1. What beautiful pictures of your visit to Trout Lake, I like them all, but the sunset over the san juan mountains is really nice. This must have been such a wonderful place to visit 🙂


    1. The pink glow was nothing that I had experienced before. It had to be because of the altitude and the snow. I can’t believe it took me 3.5 years to finally visit the area after hearing about it for so long from friends and colleagues. I’d go back in a heartbeat.

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  2. I probably could not pick a favorite but the golden aspens and blue toned mountains with water reflecting scenery in another shot were gorgeous, Cindy. What a fantastic way you had your childhood dream picture come true. I liked the stark and unique pink pyramid, (I have never seen a photograph like this one!) Smiles, Robin


    1. Thank you Robin. I used to think that the term Alpenglow referred to the glow the Aspen leaves make when the sun shines through them. Actually, it’s that pink glow in Alpen settings. I’m glad you liked the pyramid. It was a unique experience.


  3. They’re all so beautiful. Even when I’m relaxed, photos like this calm me down (and that’s saying something considering doctors have found traces of blood in my coffee stream).


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