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Ang Lee’s Upcoming Military Drama

Thanks again, Stu, at Popcorn Nights for starting off the conversation regarding Ang Lee on the 13th and to all who stopped by to comment. I learned more about Lee because your ideas and insights had me thinking. What? You missed out? That’s okay, contribute now right HERE.


Nominated for the National Book Award for Fiction in 2012, Ben Fountain‘s novel Billy Lynn’s Long Halftime Walk has been adapted into a screenplay by Simon Beaufoy and Jean-Christophe Castelli. Ang Lee is the director, and its release date is scheduled next year on U.S. Veteran’s Day, November 11, 2016.  Kristen Stewart, Steve Martin, Vin Diesel, Garrett Hedlund, Chris Tucker, newcomer Joe Alwyn, and Ben Platt star.

Ang Lee is leading the way to a new level of film-making whether we want him to or not. Lee’s film is unique because he will be the first to film in 120fps/3D.  I’m not a technology geek or someone who pretends to know why I should be impressed with the innovation, especially since I dislike CGI in general. I admire the director, so I will have reconcile my apprehension and hope that filming faster is a nifty trick instead of ruining a good story.

Here’s an interesting explanation regarding the next leap in imaging technology by Hiroshi Ohtake, Senior Research Engineer, Imaging & Storage Devices Research Division, Broadcast Technology No.48, Spring 2012

Click to access ch0048.pdf


Billy Lynn’s Long Halftime Walk is described as a comedy/military drama about young Private Billy Lynn and his company serving in Iraq. They are recalled home by the government and portrayed as heroes in a publicity event. Elements of a dark comedy thematically speckled with disenchantment, retrospection and enlightenment? Sounds like a coming-of-age story to me, and I’m excited for it.  First, though, I’ll check out a copy of Ben Fountain’s novel at the library.


JANUARY’S TOPIC:  Welcome excellent reviewer, Tom, at DIGITAL SHORTBREAD. He’s a graceful writer with smart insights, and he’s helping me host the film, The Revenant. Because the film is released in the states on January 8 and the United Kingdom on the 15, I’m going to post the Lucky 13 Film Club event on Monday, January 18 to maximize attendance.

Remember, no one is an expert and everyone has an idea and an opinion, so come join us all in 2016!   

13 thoughts on “Ang Lee’s Upcoming Military Drama”

  1. Not a fan of 120fps. I know it’s a better fit to the human eye’s 24fps than 60fps, but 120 honestly comes off too smooth and is totally unnatural to how I actually see.

    Film (60fps) has that blur in quick movements which 120 doesn’t. It’s a similar issue that makes video tape footage so easily identifiable (that and a more unnatural contrast).

    Just my completely unrelated two cents. 😀


    1. I’m glad! You are more savvy to this kind of stuff than I am, so I appreciate the explanation. Hhhmmm. Too smooth for the human eye. So in a battle scene, with this 120fps, how will this experience be to the viewer?

      Liked by 1 person

  2. They would be seeing like a series of super high-speed photographs with no loss of specificity from one instant of time to the next.

    It sounds wonderful: “You won’t miss a single detail.” but missing single details and catching the gist is how the human eye sees. Our brains process in gists even when we’re micro-analyzing (but that’s a different topic).

    Some people really go for 120fps. Some just like it and some only like it because to them ‘new’ means ‘superior’. There’s no right or wrong on this; I’m just not a fan – so don’t let me rain on any parades. 😀


  3. Oh I haven’t heard of this but I definitely will give it a shot if it’s Ang Lee! I’m not sold yet by Garrett Hedlund (even though he’s from MN), but maybe one day he’ll change my mind. I look forward to next month’s discussion w/ Tom! Hey, do you still want to collaborate on something for February? If you already have someone in mind, no worries 😀


    1. No I would was hoping you would be willing and able in February! I was thinking Gosford Park? A revisit is not a waste of time. But that’s my immediate reaction. What film would interest you?? I’m flexible 🙂


      1. Oh I could revisit Gosford Park, it’s been ages since I saw it. Another idea would be Remains of the Day or another period drama, let me think of it a bit.


        1. Hi Ruth—Here’s wishing you a great holiday season. I’m on winter break from school (yay!)and hope to write in my novel and see some films, do posts, etc. I was thinking about February and thought of another angle, a triple-crown angle, of three British wry films set in the 1930s. “Being Julia” and “Mrs. Pettigrew for a Day” and “Gosford Park”. What do you think?


  4. I know people don’t expect depth from Steve Martin but if they heard him on a talk show or listened to his perceptive and wonderful banjo duets on recent album, they might see him in another light. I believe this film by Ang Lee will be special, Cindy! Thanks for letting us know.
    I like the direction you are going in February, Cindy. “Mrs Pettigrew. . .” is a great movie, I like “Gosford Park” and I recall “Being Julia.” Was Annette Bening in it? She is am “unsung” heroine in my mind of actresses who have been unappreciated. I do think she takes her marriage and family seriously so may turn down movies.
    I liked a different time period, “Julie/Julia” movie. Julia Child was portrayed by Meryl Streep. It was a sweet second or third movie with Amy Adams breaking into stardom.
    Happy Holidays, Cindy! * ¤☆¤*


    1. Julie/Julia was cute. And I’m stirring the post to see how Ruth feels about February. She’s a British fan. Annette Bening was nominated for an Oscar for her role in Being Julia but didn’t win. I loved her performance. And anything with Jeremy Irons in it can’t be bad. Blessings to you and yours in Ohio!


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