Five Shots: Winter Dusting

Happy Holidays from the Verde Valley in Arizona, my friends!

snow on the rocks
Sycamore Canyon 1
Red Rock Dusting
snowy Jerome.JPG
Sycamore Canyon 2
Arizona Winter Sunset

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      1. My graduate work was on prostitution in mining camps of the American West. Most of the information came from Butte, Montana. However, some of it came from Jerome.

        1. I was into immigration and ethnic regionalism. I remember reading some interesting diaries, etc., regarding Butte! Yes, Jerome loves to romanticize the role of the prostitute here. My character in my novel stays at a boarding house run by her aunt. The character, Sally, is not a prostitute but she’s a dancer at the Jerome Theater. Jerome was the happening place to be in 1927. Anyway, Interesting!

      1. Christmas Day weather was dreadful but I couldn’t have cared less. It’s the most indoors day of the year for me. I hope you had a great day and are having a nice Boxing Day too.

  1. Hi Cindy! Greetings from New England. I’m not back yet until the 1st but finally got a chance for a bit of r&r after a whirlwind NYC trip. How’s your Christmas? Hope it was a great one. Lovely picks, I absolutely love that sunset shot!

      1. “These are outside my door.” WOW! That’s awesome. You lucky lady! Isn’t Machias near the Canadian border? I haven’t been there yet. I live in Brunswick, near the Bowdoin College.

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