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Five Shots: Sedona Wilderness Campfire

Sedona Wilderness Area
Sedona Wilderness AreaDSC02146

Dusk in the Sedona Wilderness

A fun way to host family and friends is to take them to “our” plateau which overlooks the Sedona Wilderness Area. No tourists. Just space and a large campfire to listen to music and watch the stars multiply. Stare long enough into the embers and images appear. Here are five shots of the campfire:Β 

1. Cold Pink Flames
Ember Blossom
2. Amber Blossom
Stirred Flames
3. Stirred Flames
4. Into the Light
5. Blistered Knobs

Which shot do you like best?Β 

34 thoughts on “Five Shots: Sedona Wilderness Campfire”

  1. If I can only pick one, I’m going with 2 for having the coolest finding-shapes-in-clouds quality, but 5 was right on its tail. πŸ˜€


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